Social and Environmental Responsibility

Manufacturing chemical technique products requires specialist professional knowledge and a great sense of responsibility. Scrupulous and sustainable behaviour towards mankind and nature is one of our priorities.

The following principles guide us throughout our manufacturing processes :

  • Minimise the impact on people and the environment during the production, storage, sale and use of our products.
  • Produce the smallest possible amount of waste every day; sort the waste we do produce, conserve resources and implement measures to reduce harmful emissions.
  • Attach the same high level of importance in our strategy to economic interests as to safety, environmental protection and health – because it is our responsibility and wish to do so, not because of any legal or official obligation.

This constant obsession to reduce our carbon footprint has led us to implement the following measures in particular :

  • We always take care to select packaging that generates as little waste as possible or is recyclable.
  • We promote bulk delivery whenever possible.
  • We only deliver our lubricant products in trucks fitted with the latest generation of Euro 6 engines, which means pollutant emissions are kept to a minimum.
  • We train our drivers in economical driving techniques so their journeys are smooth, safe and fuel-efficient.
  • We take into account geographical, environmental and social criteria when selecting our suppliers.
  • We’ve set up partnerships with several approved companies that specialise in the collection and recovery of oils and packaging and we promote these partnerships to our customers.
  • We provide our expertise and support to clients so they can maximise the bonuses awarded under the Energy Saving Certificates scheme, in particular for the use of fuel-saving lubricants.