Strong brands have deep roots


For 30 years now, YORK SAS has been the partner for premium lubricants to a considerable number of professionals in France and Europe thanks to the extremely high quality of its products and services.

All our employees – be it our engineers, chemists, technicians, sales and marketing staff, sales representatives or delivery drivers – are focused on fulfilling a single demand: the satisfaction of our customers.


YORK SAS, a French lubricant manufacturer based in Toulon (France, department 83), has the following human and material resources:

  • A modern laboratory, exceptionally well equipped for research and development and quality control.
  • A lubricant manufacturing plant with mixing devices of various capacities which allow for manufacturing flexibility (small and large production runs).
  • 2,000 m3 storage capacity for base oil and additives.
  • A team of exclusive technical sales advisers who are close to their customers and trained in the latest developments in materials and lubricants.
  • An application department dedicated to our clients and offering a wide range of services.
  • A fleet of latest-generation trucks for fast and secure deliveries, including bulk deliveries. 

YORK SAS has the closeness, flexibility and responsiveness of an SME when it comes to customer service.


On 5 January 2015, YORK and MOTOREX brands decided to get together and unite forces to become a major player in the European market for innovative, environmentally friendly lubricants so they could serve all their clients and partners across Europe, if not the world.