Quality, R&R & Services


YORK SAS has been ISO 9001 certified for many years and has implemented a quality management policy that aims to continuously improve client satisfaction levels.

ISO 9001 Certificate

The highest level of diligence in all of its processes allows YORK to guarantee products and services of unrivalled quality at all times.



With its own ultra-modern laboratory as well as the use of the MOTOREX Group laboratories, YORK is forever developing and perfecting ever more innovative lubricants and having them approved and certified by equipment or mechanical parts manufacturers.

We put a particular emphasis on the design of technical products that improve energy performance and contribute to safeguarding the environment (biodegradable range).

Our researchers and chemists are constantly searching for new technologies and the highest performing base oils and additives to optimise our lubricants’ formulation – all the time respecting the importance of protecting our planet. The formulation of lubricants with the smallest possible ecological footprint is a priority for us.

Thanks to its very sophisticated test devices, YORK can test the performance of its oils and greases between 60°C and 300°C.

More of a partner than a supplier, the customer is systematically integrated into our research process so we can develop the lubricants of tomorrow. 



Our technical and application department is permanently available to support our customers in

  • Fleet studies, lubrication recommendations, checking compliance with manufacturers’ requirements, rationalisation of the number of lubricants and financial optimisation.
  • Personalised and interactive lubrication plans – a lubrication plan is implemented for each customer’s vehicle or equipment fleet and updated on an ongoing basis.
  • Monitoring of lubricants in service – oils in use are analysed for better preventative maintenance.
  • Technical training for staff involved in equipment maintenance – personal training sessions.
  • Support is available on site and over the phone.