Bobsleigh is practiced on an icy track, from 1.200m to 1.500m, on average slopes from 10 to 12%, and with 14 to 20 turns that are raised, which allows speeds of 125 to 155km/h depending on the track. The pressures supported by the athletes can go up to 5G (5 times the body weight).

Bobsleigh has been an Olympic discipline since the 1st Winter Olympics in 1924. Of the twenty tracks in the world, there is only one natural track, always in Saint-Moritz. In France, it is in La Plagne that the track of the 1992 Olympics is still located.

(extract from the French Federation of Ice Sports - FFSG)

YORK is a faithful and involved partner of the French National Bobsledding Team, and will be behind them during the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing between February 4th and February 20th, 2022 !