New specification


As part of the introduction of the new Euro VI-step e standard for heavy-duty vehicles, the engine and commercial vehicle manufacturers MAN and SCANIA have published their new engine oil specifications: MAN M-3977 and SCANIA LDF-5.
These specifications have been specially developed to reduce fuel consumption, pollution and CO2 emissions emissions in the new Euro VI- step e engines.

In order to achieve these fuel savings, this specification requires a low-sulfur engine oil engine oil with a low sulfur content and a low viscosity grade of SAE 5W/20.
The specification must also meet specific engine tests. Due in part to its low viscosity, the MAN M-3977 and SCANIA LDF-5 specifications are not compatible with older specifications such as MAN M-3677 or SCANIA LDF-4.


Product profile and application


YORK 1245 SAE 5W/20 is a UHPD Low Saps lubricant specifically designed for advanced heavy-duty vehicles equipped with exhaust gas treatment systems from MAN and SCANIA, two companies belonging to the TRATON Group, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group.

Thanks to its low-ash additive technology, YORK 1245 SAE 5W/20 optimally protects modern exhaust gas treatment systems as well as particulate filters, exhaust gas recirculation systems and catalytic converters against deposits or poisoning. This latest generation engine lubricant also promotes reliable operation throughout the oil change interval, ensures optimum engine cleanliness and provides significant fuel savings.

YORK 1245 SAE 5W/20 offers excellent wear protection compared to higher viscosity class engine oils. Among its many advantages are its excellent oxidation stability, massive reduction in oil consumption, and high cold start performance.
YORK 1245 SAE 5W/20 is one of the first officially approved SCANIA LDF-5 oils.

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