When two strong brands in the lubricants industry join forces, the result is a successful collaboration to jointly develop innovative products and offer the best solutions to their customers. To illustrate this joint effort, YORK barrels have been given a new look: YORK by MOTOREX.

In 2024 YORK keeps its identity, logo and colors, but clearly and proudly displays its brand within the MOTOREX group with a new "YORK by MOTOREX" design, which will be used on all packaging, promotional and administrative materials. YORK and MOTOREX form a global group capable of following its international customers and manufacturers in all their markets, while retaining their respective DNAs:

  • YORK : the flexibility and responsiveness of mid-sized French lubricants manufacturer
  • MOTOREX : the group's power and international reputation

About YORK

For 30 years now, YORK SAS has established itself as the premium lubricant partner of a very large number of professionals in France and Europe, thanks to the very high quality of its products and services. Since 05/01/2015, the YORK and MOTOREX brands have decided to join forces and become a major player in the European market for innovative, environmentally-friendly lubricants, to be able to offer European and even global coverage to all their customers and partners.

YORK boasts a modern, well-equipped laboratory for research and development and quality control, a lubricant manufacturing plant with mixers of various capacities enabling flexible production, and a storage capacity of 2,000 m3 of base oil and additives. A team of exclusive technical advisors is on hand to train customers in real time on the latest developments in equipment and lubricants. Whether they are engineers, chemists, technicians, sales representatives, sales assistants or delivery drivers, all our employees are focused on a single objective: customer satisfaction.



In 1917, pioneer Arnold Bucher began manufacturing REX leather and floor care products in B├╝tzberg, near Langenthal. With increasing motorization, the focus of business shifted - REX became MOTOREX in 1947. MOTOREX is still an independent family business. The industrial company develops and produces high-quality lubricants for the smooth running of high-performance machines and vehicles. Headquartered in Langenthal, Switzerland, MOTOREX employs around 400 people and operates its own research and development center in Switzerland, as well as other production plants in Europe. Subsidiaries in Toulon, France, and Brookfield, CT, USA, complete the MOTOREX Group. Thanks to its own distribution organizations and 190 distribution partners who bring their product and industry knowledge to 94 countries, the company is expanding not only in Switzerland, but also internationally.


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